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Space Zambonie Podcast


Alex and Matt host the Space Zambonie podcast! Coming together on this podcast, they watch fun videos, hold interesting interviews, do fun skits, and so much more! Watch as these two get into new and crazy situations! Interviewing Scottish actors, eating mayonnaise, waxing their legs, and eating gross jellybeans… every episode has a fun surprise!

Listen to us in audio format, or in full video below.

Lead Cast

  • Channel Origins and Eating Mayonnaise!

    • Season 1
    • February 3, 2020
    • 01:28:00
    Alex and Matt discuss the origins of the Space Zambonie Youtube Channel, introduce the podcast, and look at some fun TikTok videos! Also because they hit 1000 subs, Alex has to eat a jar of MAYO!!
  • Lesbian Cuisine and Some Nasty Beans!

    • Season 1
    • March 2, 2020
    • 01:09:35
    Today we bring on a special guest and great friend @Lesbian Cuisine! He talks about the origins of his channel, some of his most popular videos, and some overall fun stories. We have a few fun skits sprinkled throughout the podcast as well as a game that either ends in us eating gross jelly beans, or a spoon of Marmite!

    • Season 1
    • April 6, 2020
    • 1:25:12
    Hey everyone! Welcome to the third episode of the Space Zambonie podcast! Today we bring on a special guest, Amy Leith! She talks about how she enjoys making people laugh and her story of getting into the entertainment industry! We also interview the Moverz and get some interesting answers after asking them some insane questions!

    • Season 1
    • May 4, 2020
    • 52:34
    Hey everyone! Welcome to the fourth episode of the Space Zambonie podcast! Today we bring on our good friend, Kyle! Kyle runs the Pseudo Adults podcast where a group of creative friends who look at the past, present, and future of their lives and goals. The guys talk about funny moments in their friendship, projects they've done together, the Pseudo Adults Podcast, and the Pooflingas story!

    • Season 1
    • June 1, 2020
    • 1:00:59
    Hey everyone! Welcome to the fifth episode of the Space Zambonie podcast! Although they don't have a true guest, they manage to bring a lot of fun topics to the table. A game of AI dungeon, quick film reviews, and more! Also enjoy the cuteness that is Argo!

    • Season 1
    • July 6, 2020
    • 00:51:42
    Hey everyone! Welcome to the sixth episode of the Space Zambonie podcast! Today Alex and Matt sit with their good friend Olivia. She's been helping with the channel in the past, and has her own photography business. Check out her page, and watch them have some fun with crazy videos!

    • Season 1
    • August 3, 2020
    • 1:06:46
    Hey everyone! Welcome to the seventh episode of the Space Zambonie podcast! Today Alex and Matt have Matt from the Moverz organization on the show! On this episode they talk about all the great projects that the Moverz have worked on and the future of their oganization!
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