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Pseudo Adults


Pseudo Adults podcast is about a group of creative friends who look at the past, present, and future of their lives and goals. They may be ambitious adults but that’s no reason to grow up. It’s more fun to stay immature and chat it up with your friends.

We’re also that podcast that talks about Osomatsu-san.

#61 – Joker 2nd Viewing

The PseudoAdults discuss Alex’s new song (link below), Rachel’s birthday, and Tony & Rachel’s visit to the NY Renaissance Faire.

Then we get into non-spoilery discussion of Joker and other DC-related news. That all leads into a big & SPOILERy discussion of The Boys season 1.

The episode is wrapped up with two delightful facts and an intriguing round of Shranks Character Battles!


Listen to “Some Call It Love” by Alex Piccirillo: Click here to listen on Apple Music or click here to listen on Spotify.

Click here to visit the Shranks Indiegogo page & preorder a copy of the game!

Follow Kyle: @pseudoadults

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