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Pseudo Adults


Pseudo Adults podcast is about a group of creative friends who look at the past, present, and future of their lives and goals. They may be ambitious adults but that’s no reason to grow up. It’s more fun to stay immature and chat it up with your friends.

We’re also that podcast that talks about Osomatsu-san.

Pseudo Adults
#53 – Daddy Shranks and @GoudaFacts

The PseudoAdults discuss last weekend’s first ever Space Zambonie video game tournament, We hear delightful facts from the Optimism Corner and perhaps even better facts from Tracy Morgan’s Gouda Facts?!?! Oh and this shall forever be known as the episode where @goudafacts was born. Subscribe to our show! Follow Kyle at @pseudoadults  

#53 – Daddy Shranks and @GoudaFacts
#52 – We Waxed Matt
#51 – Comic Con 2019 Roundup & More
#50 – Shranks Character Battles Ultra-Turbo Mode Vol 5
#49 – Spider-Man: Far From Home + More!
#48 – The Adventures of Bumble Boy
#47 – Kyle’s Wild Ride
#46 – A Whole New Episode
#45 – A Song of Game of Thrones & Fire
#44 – Shranks Character Battles Ultra-Turbo Mode Vol 4

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