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Game Marks Podcast


A podcast #ByMarksForMarks visiting the best and worst of wrestling video game titles. Hosted by independent wrestler Johnny Clash and George Feis.

From WCW vs. NWO World Tour to Simpsons Wrestling, these two will go through the gaming world of wrestling! With experience in the field, these two will give a very unique take on Wrestling Games!

Into wrestling, into gaming? This podcast is one you don’t want to miss

Game Marks Podcast
The Game Marks Podcast – WWE 2K16

This week on The Game Marks Podcast, Johnny and George take a #DeepDive into WWE 2K16 (What?) which features the largest roster in WWE Video Game history. (What?) Also, the Game Marks compete in a Clash at The Feis match to break the tie in an Elimination Chamber full of 90's WCW Legends (What?). Also a special guest is announced for next week! (What?)

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A gaming podcast, visiting the best & worst of wrestling video game titles. Hosted by @JClash21 & @GeorgeFeis

New episodes every Monday!


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